24/7 Emergency Tree Service in Lakeland, FL

Lakeland emergency tree care

When trees fall due to storms or other unexpected events, you need prompt emergency tree service to avoid property damage and safety hazards. Lyons Family Tree Care provides 24-hour emergency response for hazardous tree situations throughout Lakeland, FL and nearby areas. Our crews are on call aroundthe clock, ready to respond to your home or business any time, day or night.

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Emergency Tree Removal Services

Downed or dangerously leaning trees pose an immediate risk and require safe, controlled removal as soon as possible. Our certified arborists and tree surgeons have the experience and specialized equipment to remove fallen or hazardous trees efficiently. We utilize proven rigging and crane techniques to section out unstable trees and lift away heavy trunks and limbs without causing collateral damage.

Emergency Tree Trimming & Cleanup

Storms with high winds frequently leave trees with broken, hanging limbs that can drop unexpectedly on people or structures below. Lyons provides priority emergency trimming services in Lakeland to quickly mitigate these threats and restore safety. We’ll also clear away scattered brush and debris from your property.

Fast Response 24/7 for Emergencies

Fallen trees are a serious hazard that require immediate response. Our phones are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. When you call for emergency tree service, we’ll have a crew dispatched to your Lakeland location promptly, any time day or night. Our rapid response can prevent escalating damage or injury from an unstable tree situation.

Trusted Emergency Tree Experts in Lakeland

Lyons Family Tree Care has been Lakeland’s go-to emergency tree service provider for over 20 years. Our crews follow all industry safety standards for hazardous tree work and we carry comprehensive insurance for your protection. When emergency strikes, you can depend on our highly trained professionals.

Call for Prompt Emergency Tree Service - Available 24/7

Never attempt to remove a fallen or dangerously leaning tree on your own, as this is an immense safety hazard without proper training and equipment. Contact Lyons Family Tree Care immediately for 24-hour emergency tree service in Lakeland by calling 863-262-7979, day or night. We’ll take care of any hazardous tree situation safely and efficiently.


We provide 24/7 emergency response in Lakeland for fallen trees on structures, trees leaning hazardously near buildings, hanging & broken branches, and more.

Our crews can typically be dispatched within 1-2 hours for emergency calls in the Lakeland area. We have team members strategically located for rapid response.

Yes, our 24/7 emergency rates reflect the urgency involved and staffing requirements. However, we keep pricing affordable and bundle services to provide cost-savings.

We specialize inTreesSITUATIS near utilities, but if live wires are involved, we first coordinate with the utility company per safety protocol before proceeding.

Absolutely. All our emergency crews are led by certified arborists with specific expertise in complex tree removals and following ANSI Z133 safety standards.

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