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Best Tree Removal Lakeland

When it comes to tree removal in Lakeland, FL, no one is more qualified than Lyons Family Tree Care. As the area’s leading tree removal company, we have the experience and equipment to safely remove trees of any size from residential or commercial properties. Our certified arborists utilize proper tree felling techniques to bring down trees in a controlled manner, preventing damage to your home or surrounding areas.

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The Best Tree Removal Service in Lakeland

At Lyons Family Tree Care, we are committed to providing the best tree removal service in Lakeland. Safety is always our top priority on every job. Our crew takes all necessary precautions when removing trees, clearing the area of any potential hazards beforehand. You can trust our professional tree removal technicians to get the job done right from start to finish.

We remove trees that are

  • Damaged or diseased beyond repair
  • Potentially hazardous if they were to fall
  • In the way of home construction/additions
  • Too close to homes, power lines, or other structures
  • Contributing to foundation issues with their roots

After bringing the tree down safely and securely, our team will also grind away any remaining stumps. This gives you a smooth area for replanting or landscaping if desired. We clean up all wood debris for a neat, tidy job site when we’re done.

Complete Tree Takedown Service

Our tree removal process includes

  • Careful preparation of the removal site
  • Sectional felling or full takedowns as needed
  • Safely lowering large limbs/trunks with cranes
  • Stump grinding to several inches below grade
  • Thorough wood debris removal and site cleanup

When you need professional tree removal in Lakeland, call the company more homeowners and businesses trust. We provide free quotes and prompt service!


Tree removal costs vary based on the height, diameter, location, and condition of the tree. We provide free upfront quotes with no hidden fees so you know exactly what to expect before we begin work.

Yes, our certified arborists and tree surgeons have the training and experience to safely remove trees in tight spaces near structures or utilities.

Absolutely. We have crews on call 24/7 to respond quickly to tree emergencies throughout the Lakeland area.

The duration depends on the tree size, but most can be taken down within a few hours to one day by our efficient crew.

We offer a full suite of tree care services including trimming/pruning, storm cleanup, stump grinding and more.

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