Stump Grinding in Lakeland, FL

Affordable tree stump grinding Lakeland

Once a tree has been removed from your Lakeland property, you’re left with an unsightly, difficult stump. Don’t let that stubborn stump become an eyesore or tripping hazard – call Lyons Family Tree Care for professional stump grinding service. We have the specialized equipment to completely grind away stumps of any size, leaving you with a smooth, level ground area.

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Expert Tree Stump Grinding Service

As Lakeland’s leading stump removal professionals, we know how to tackle even the toughest, largest stumps. Our powerful stump grinders can go down 6-8 inches into the ground to remove the entire stump system and roots. This prevents regrowth and gives you a clean slate for landscaping or replanting.

The stump grinding process safely chips away all the wood in a controlled manner. The resulting mulch can be hauled away, used for landscaping, or simply left to naturally decompose over time. You can count on us to complete stump removals quickly and leave no trace of a mess behind.

Affordable Stump Grinding Solutions

Have multiple stumps that need grinding? We offer affordable volume pricing to remove any number of stumps from your residential or commercial property in one visit. Every stump grinding job includes thorough worksite cleanup when completed.

Convenient & Reliable Stump Service

In addition to our expertise, Lyons Family Tree Care prioritizes convenience. We can often schedule prompt stump grinding service soon after a tree removal, while we already have equipment on site. If you had another company remove the tree, we can handle just the stump removal & grinding portion.

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It’s best to have stump grinding done shortly after a tree removal, before regrowth begins. However, stumps can be ground years later if needed.

You can leave a stump, but grinding is recommended as stumps can attract pests, produce hazardous sprouts/shoots, and be an eyesore or obstruction.

We grind 6-8 inches below grade to remove the entire stump system and roots, preventing regrowth.

Hauling away the wood chips/mulch is optional. We can leave a clean wood bed in the hole to naturally decompose if preferred.

Most stumps can be ground in 15-30 minutes with our powerful machines. While there is some noise and wood chips kicked up, we have dust containment systems to minimize the mess.

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